We do not offer off-the-shelf solutions, we examine and customize the tools to suit the needs of each individual business client, not vice versa.



Managing the transition of business
processes to new technologies

Cloud storage

Online data storage
and data safety


Designing a bespoke system ideally
suited to your business processes


A client sought our help with an uncompleted, but already problem-ridden project. We started troubleshooting the design flaws to get the system up and running.

«We have enjoyed fruitful collaboration with Foach and, personally, with Mikhail Kotsik for several years now. We are quite happy with the results. All details are negotiated beforehand, the company provides continuous feedback and support, meets the deadlines and ensures honest attitude and attention towards the client.
We would like to thank the company for the great performance and are looking forward to further collaboration.»
Urupina Anastasiya Vladimirovna / Chief Operating Officer Limestate

The need for the time management system was brought about by the company’s breakthrough development. The geography of its offices had expanded greatly and it was no longer possible to simply sweep your eyes over the office to check if the person you needed was at his working place.

«TMS enables me to better plan my working day. The timer will alert me about the upcoming lunch break or the end of the working day so that I make haste with my assignments. I no longer have to ask around or make calls to check whether my colleague has taken a sick leave and is staying home today. This is incredibly convenient. I believe that every company, however small, should have such a handy tool at their disposal.»
Julia / «Internet Solutions» developer
Help Desk

From 2013 to 2016, more than 20 websites were launched, each representing a self-contained, individual product.

«Thank you for developing technical solutions for this course. I’ve always wanted to share my best practices and expertise for the benefit of others, and now it has become possible to translate the gathered experience into a convenient format and make it accessible to everyone! I always try to stay on track with the latest developments and keep my eyes peeled for new trends in healthy nutrition. What is important for me, is that my course is growing hand in hand with my personal growth. Whenever a new idea springs to mind, I know that it won’t take long before it appears on the website. There is no such thing as “this is not possible”, but rather “ok, this is how much time we need to get this done”.»
Tatyana Ribakova / «Slim at 12 weeks» course creator
Applicant Management System

A system that enables the automated handling of the main process of job candidate tracking and management for the Business Process company.

«Our collaboration with the Foach team dates as far back as 2010, and we continue this fruitful collaboration to the present day. Over the course of our joint work we have achieved superior results in creating our own CRM system that enables to improve the recruitment metrics, offers a broad array of statistics data and facilitates the centralization of management accounting. On behalf of the Business Process I would like to express our appreciation to the Foach staff for the prompt and professional handling of challenging tasks, responsibility and commitment to their job. We look forward to our continued collaboration.»
Olga Zaitseva / Head of the Personnel Sourcing and Recruiting Department at Business Process
We hope that you liked our projects - we take great pride in the work we have done. We endeavor our best efforts towards advancing our partners' business, this is the linchpin of our productive and sustainable cooperation built on mutual trust. Quality, thoroughness and expediency are our primary objectives.


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