Applicant Management System

A system that enables the automated handling of the main process of job candidate tracking and management for the Business Process company.


In 2010 our team launched a project of designing a process management system for the Business Process company that hires staff to work on a rotation basis at the national enterprises. By that time te company had already built up a solid database of prospective applicants which resulted in a number of duplicates, as well as issues with updating the relevant information.

We started out with a simple applicant “address directory”, thus resolving the task of eliminating any possible candidate duplicates – from then on, when you entered a candidate name or a phone number into the database, the system would check this data for its uniqueness. On a parallel track, we resolved the problem of linking the data from the client’s regional offices together, at which point all the branch offices located in different cities received access to a single database.

As the data continued growing, we developed a set of tools to perform target-specific candidate search. Sometimes if was necessary to find an employee based in a certain city, other times an employee with a certain level of experience was needed. It allowed to have a better grasp of the database functionality and prevent redundant recurrence of certain candidate matches.

+35%growth of total
company turnover
(2010 – 2018)

Storing information in a single database enabled to compile reports based on that data. The client is able to keep track on how many new applicants are added into the database, how many phone calls are made, how many actions each recruiter performs. By adding the sources, we made it possible to asses the efficiency of advertising venues.

The next step was the integration of applicant search logic. The recruiters got their personal actionable dashboards which allowed to plan and schedule candidate calls. Apart from that, each recruiter was assigned a particular number of candidates that enabled to streamline the hiring process and manage applicant submissions without fearing that the applicants would get poached by other recruiters.

We also started compiling information on the specific workplace or organization a candidate was referred to, as well as who and when referred them. If a candidate has not moved through the hiring process within three weeks, the candidate profile is then withdrawn and the handling is transferred to another recruiter.

×10growth of the
managed workload

We have developed a tool set for reaching out to passive candidates through scheduled calls or updating applicant categories, for instance, unoccupied grade IV lathe operators.

As the system was further developed and optimized, a new position was introduced – that of a company supervisor who evaluates and approves the prospective applicant on behalf of their organization. At present, we save the applicant contact history in the database, starting from the initial résumé submission and all the way down to the job placement, but it doesn’t end there: we also store history of the applicant’s rotating shifts roster, as well as employer feedback – which helps refine the recruiting process and source the best candidates to match new job openings.


As the data continued growing, we developed the candidate search tools. Sometimes you need to find an employee based in a certain city, other times a candidate with a certain level of experience is needed. It allowed to have a better grasp of the database functionality and prevent redundant recurrence of certain candidate matches.


Prospective candidate searches for job positions

Entry into the system

Recruiter contacts the candidate

Candidate is referred to a vacant position

Approval of employment

Processing documents

Official job start


Over the course of the system development and implementation the company was able to centralize all the data while simultaneously decentralizing recruiters’ workplaces. Business Process operates offices in several cities throughout the country.

The risk of data loss was eliminated, as the data is now backed up and stored centrally – you can’t just randomly lose a candidate and their profile.

Collecting statistics on recruiters’ performance allowed to fine-tune the process of interaction with prospective candidates, as well as enhance the efficiency of business processes within the company. The company can now also comprehensively track the performance of advertising venues, which helped rationalize advertising outlays.

Upon the implementation of the system the processed workload increased tenfold, and the total company turnout grew up by 35%. Over 800 prospective candidates are vetted on a daily basis.

The integration of bulk messaging service as a new tool of communication with the applicants significantly facilitated the workflow for recruiters and enhanced the recruiter-applicant interaction – for instance, eliminating routine tasks, such as giving directions to the company offices or organizations.


The company continues to grow and there is a need to train newly recruited staff. For that purpose, we are going to develop a special training section and apply gamification elements to improve the user primary experience with the system.

There is enough information in the database to transfer the records of financial payments and candidate payroll calculations into the system, which will facilitate the work of the accounts department.

Candidates will get access to their personal account where they can edit personal information and stay updated on the remuneration rates, job search stages and recruiter feedback. To further enhance the applicant experience, we are going to develop a mobile app for the prospective candidates.


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